HotmixPRO Gastro Värmemixer 2 liter, 190C, 12500rpm, 1500W

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Designed to cook up to 190°C with a perfect control of the temperature, the Hotmix PRO Gastro brings together the cutter and the mixer in just one box. The Hotm

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Designed to cook up to 190°C with a perfect control of the temperature, the Hotmix PRO Gastro brings together the cutter and the mixer in just one box. The Hotmix PRO Gastro enables to quickly and easily produce raw and cooked recipes, liquids, semi liquids, pate, even in normal structure, thus protecting the properties of food, making the Hotmix PRO Gastro a simply must have for bars, restaurants, hotels and catering.

The convenience factor is that all of the ingredients can be put into the bowl and the desired end-result achieved with minimum difficulty, thanks to the ultra-precise temperature control, elecronically storing one`s own recipes in a simple and direct way. The HotmixPRO Gastro will also mix the content of the bowl steadily and uniformly, at the exact speed selected, so that a faultless preparation is assured every time.

The Hotmix PRO Gastro can chop small and large quantities of ice with minimum effort and makes sorbets and milk shakes. The Hotmix PRO Gastro can also produce exquisite hot and cold sauces, puddings and hot food even without a kitchen and a cooker hood all in limited space. The overall quality of the production is guaranteed even to the non professionals that, even with the help of the recipe guide, may become good chefs and confectioners.


HotmixPRO Gastro, thanks to its numerous preset programs and more than 150 recipes stored in memory (through an SD card) is ideal for:

* browning, cooking, roasting and shining, whisking, pasteurizing, reducing, clarifying, keeping warm, delayed start programming.

* electronic storage of one’s own recipes

* doughing

* chopping, pulverizing, homogenizing, whipping, blending, etc.

* buying and using selected and purpose-made recipe guides stored into an SD card (pastry, ice creams, prestigious chefs, etc.) Any part getting into contact with food, in conformity with the existing norms, can be easily dismounted for a rapid and precise cleaning.


* A safety lid and a motor brake enabling to use the appliance with complete safety.

* Two temperature control systems directly linked to the motor, one static (thermostat) and an innovative one that, through a microprocessor, automatically controls the power/temperature ratio, thus preserving the motor itself.

* Equipped with a variable spped motor capable of speeds upto 12500rpm

* Digital temperature control, LCD graphic display

* Turbo and pulse functions

* AISI 304 stainless steel case

* Shock absorbing feet against vibrations, making the appliance stable even at high speeds

* Built in accordance with the professional norms, with the appropriate insulation of the outer parts for the operator while cooking

* Low tension controls


Dimensions: 258 x 312 x 296 (WxDxH)

Capacity: 2 Litre stainless steel container

Motor Power: 1500 watts

Heating Power: 800 watts